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Admin Application -CptAlex

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:45 pm

Hello, my name is Alex, my in game name is Cpt Alex. I have a mic, I am respectful to other players and admins, no matter what rank. I help any players in need, directing them anywhere they need to go, I play on Hospital server every day for atleast 4-6 hours and on weekends all day long. I use the Ts server to talk to players, Management ability is not something that is up for everyone but even without admin status now I will strive to assist any, and all players having difficulties. I can take heat, if someone is yelling or cursing at me I can stay calm and help them calm down and keep the peace. I love the hospital server and everyone in it, I hope to make donations and help people strive to love this game, I have brought many of my friends to this game and they play on it every day. I used to be a admin for the Bloodred server on Dayz Arma 2 mod, and I donated and helped them out alot. Thats all and if you have any questions you specifically want to ask me on voice, you can fond me on the Hospital teamspeak server at That you for reading my application and I hope to help Hospital strive to be the best! -Signed CptAlex


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